Fifth Friday Focus: Vacations

When was the last time you took a vacation? It could be a trip to visit family or an excursion halfway around the world (maybe it was both!). Where did you go and who did you take with you?

Good Travelers!

Have you ever stopped to think about the economic luxury that a vacation belies? A few generations ago, most families could not ever hope to afford a large trip even once, let alone on a regular basis. The demands of agricultural life and its seasonal rhythms prevented a farm family from leaving for any extended period of time.

Today, thanks to the Industrial Revolution and the rise of technology, many of us can afford to have leisure time and take a week or two for a “get-away.” Sometimes the trip is long and far away; sometimes a staycation is in order and you become a tourist in your own hometown.

Dust off that photo album and spend a few moments reliving a recent vacation. What new experiences did you have? How did you travel: train, plane, car, boat, or foot? What were the favorite memories made by the people with whom you traveled?

Write down the story of your vacation, share it with your family, and include a copy with your photos. The stereotypical post-trip slideshow may be a tired annoyance, but I can assure you that someone will be interested to read about your travels – leave them a great story to enjoy!

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