The Clarity of Hindsight


Ol’ Blue Eyes had a few, and I’ll wager that you do too.

While certainly not part of a traditional genealogy, writing about your regrets – whether missed opportunities or how you would do something differently – makes for a rich family history worth reading.

By their nature, regrets tend not to be pleasant memories to reminisce about around the dinner table. They can, however, serve as powerful stories to pass along warnings, encouragement, or merely understanding of a complex personality.

Now, I’m not talking about momentary regrets, as in “I shouldn’t have had that third margarita after eating the entire plate of nachos.” If we’re going to craft a narrative around regret, we need to be able to draw a larger lesson out of it, to give it the perspective that typically only comes with a few years’ hindsight.

Patience Please

We've made it through January with our regular posting schedule, but some external complications are frustrating February's posts.

Until things get sorted out, The Family Yarn will be on hiatus. We'll see you all soon.

I encourage you all to check out The Family History Writing Challenge being facilitated by Lynn Palermo. I'm planning to participate, if I can find the time!

Thanks for understanding!