Welcome to The Family Yarn!

My name is Zeb Acuff (aka MichiganPete) and I am your guide here. I started this project for two reasons: one, to work through the process of crafting my own family’s narrative; and two, to encourage you to record the memories, opinions, anecdotes that color your own unique family history.

We all have a story to tell, and we all have a story worth telling. Why not start now?

Just joining us? Check out these posts for more information:

About MichiganPete
I grew up in Newark, Delaware, and lived in Metro Detroit for just over nine years.  Along with my wife (originally from Oklahoma) and our three (so far) kids, I now live, work, and play in the northern suburbs of Cincinnati. Ever since a grade-school assignment introduced me to my first pedigree chart, I have been climbing my family tree off and on as time (and free access weekends) permits. I am currently working toward creating a family history book to present to my children on their 18th birthday; my first copy is due in 2024!