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I am currently working on developing this blog, with the objective of teaching you how to compose a Narrative Genealogy. Family history should be a readable story, more universally interesting than just names, dates, and places.

Please come back and visit us in November 2014 for our "soft launch". In the meantime, start gathering your pedigree charts and double-checking your citations. And don't forget to go talk to the older generations in your family - their knowledge is slipping away much too quickly!


Suggested Resources for Family History Research

  • FamilySearch - free access to lots and lots of records archived by the LDS church
  • Ancestry - arguably the leader in genealogy records online, but for a fee
  • Find A Grave - pretty much what it sounds like: search for recorded gravesites of your ancestors
  • Legacy Family Tree - my software of choice for managing my information. The free version is quite robust, and the paid version offers even more. Be sure to check our their weekly webinar series for in-depth education on a wide range of topics.