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Happy New Year! It's bright and sunny (but cold) here in Ohio - a great day for making a fresh start.

I posted a couple weeks back about my plan to rebuild my Legacy Family Tree family file using a 6x6 approach. At just about the same time, Thomas MacEntee proposed a Genealogy Do-Over - setting aside everything and starting fresh with documentation and proper citation. It's great to know that I'm not alone in wanting to clean up my files.

My primary objectives in participating in the Do-Over are:
  1. Document and properly cite all of the information in my tree, starting with my kids and working back. I'm tired of having wobbly, spindly branches on my family tree because the trunk is entirely composed of "because I read it somewhere" statements.
  2. Tame the mess of loose papers in my files. I have a standardized form for documenting information; now I need to put it into practice across the board.
  3. Learn how to effectively use a research log. Like others I've seen talking about this challenge, I too often run off down rabbit trails, resulting in poorly documented and repetitive research.
I'm excited to see where this year takes me in genealogy. This is the most intentional I've ever been in my 20+ years of family history - it could be great

What are your genealogical plans for the New Year?

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